Today’s the day! Hope you’ve got your bags packed and your travel documents printed. Did you double check your flight arrangements one more time?

Today’s challenge (for the mathematically inclined). A math instructor leaves Grand Rapids Michigan at 2:30pm (local time) on June 27th and arrives in Vienna, Austria at 6:00pm (local time) on June 28th. How long (in time) was the trip from start to finish?

Seriously, I want to know. Notoriously, I cannot calculate anything that involves a time change. When I schedule a phone conference between time zones I always put it on my calendar at the wrong time… always.

For those of you who lean more towards history than towards mathematics, how long would this same trip have taken in 1907? (100 years ago)

I hope you are bringing along plenty of reading material for the airport maze! See you in Vienna! (or maybe Heathrow, as I am stuck there for 8 hours)

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