After all my careful packing, I had one item confiscated in Bangalore. I purchased a very small pair of scissors with blunt tips to take with my cross stitch. For the first time in my life I am traveling with absolutely no printed books (only audio books) but I find I still need something to occupy my hands on long travels (flights, train rides, etc.). At the Bangalore airport they were confiscated by security (after successfully passing through U.S. and British security). Oh well – I’m sure I can buy another pair here.

The security agent was also shocked that I did not have a “mobile” on me. And I’m beginning to get an uneasy feeling about being in India without one.

In the USA, it is almost impossible to get Internet access in airports without paying for it. I nthe Bangalore airport (which is brand new by the way) it is free to get on the Internet. The only problem is that you must SMS (text) from a cell phone in order to get a password for the Internet – even in the Internet cafe. So here, the entry for Internet is not a credit card, it’s a “mobile” which I do not have.

Our flight from London to Bangalore (or Bangaloo as it is called here) was 9 horus, but due to a mechanical issue, we sat on the ground for an extra 90 minutes before takeoff. Strangely, it really didn’t seem that long – we might finally be getting more used to long flights and were both able to sleep on the plane okay.

So now we are waiting for our final flight, from Bangalore to Cochin. We feel remarkably well-rested (given that we have now been traveling for more than 28 hours). Apparently, my constant battle with insomnia is good for something. I may have goten more sleep napping in airplanes than I do normally at home.

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