Here are some pictures that I took from the tram on the way back from the water park. Many of the people who live here live in hi-rise apartment houses. You can see the patched up damage from bullets and shells on the outside of the buildings.

What I thought was cool about this one, was all the different colored blankets that are used as curtains to block out the heat. It makes an otherwise drab apartment building look quite colorful.

Below you see the famous Holiday Inn where all the journalists stayed during the conflict in Sarajevo in the early 90s. You can see it does not look nearly as bad as these other apartment buildings that are near it. If, at some point, you saw reporters standing outside a hotel reporting on the conflict, or reporting on the radio from their hotel room, it was likely this one.

During the 92-95 conflict in Sarajevo, there were periods of time when the water, food, and medical supplies were completely cut off. During one of the times when water supplies were cut, the citizens of the city had to walk for kilometers to the local brewery to get their water. The brewery gets its water from a natural spring and so it was one of the only places in the city to obtain the fresh water necessary for survival. Many people were killed carrying liter bottles of water (full or empty) on the trip to or from this water source. We are going to this brewery for dinner tonight.

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