Okay … so it’s fairly difficult to find fast Internet and you have to pay to upload every photo in some places. So, my vacation may continue on (in this blog) for several weeks after the actual vacation.

Here are some pictures from our “dress up” night at the fort.

Our trip is almost over now, and today we’ve been SHOPPING!! (that’s all caps because Leah and I have really been shopping today – great jewelry, great clothing, great everything in Pushkar). Well, the beggars aren’t so great, but we’ve been having fun spending our money.

To answer Stephanie’s question – we’re on an Intrepid Travel trip, so I haven’t had to decide on any accommodations or transportation – it’s all done for us. And if you’re going to go to India, this is definitely the way to go!

Tomorrow we’ll be back in Dehli and I’ll be home on Thursday (unless I decide to shun all my responsibilities and go to Bali … ).

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