For our 12th wedding anniversary we celebrated by (my choice) going to see 1975 film Rocky Horror Picture Show at our church. WARNING: This is a bit of a deviation from the church potluck dinners and relief society gatherings that my in-laws discuss on their blogs, so this next picture may be a bit shocking!

I won’t confess just how many times I have seen this movie – it’s been at least 8 years since the last time I saw it. It was a bit funny how many of the scenes I just don’t have any recollection of ever seeing.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show still plays in some theatres. Here is a map showing where in the USA you can still see it on the “big screen.” In fact, you can still see it in the theatre in Fairfax, VA, where I grew up.

Hmm. Not playing anywhere near Kansas City… I wonder if Jenny & Chris can rent this one from the library?

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