Sorry – I’m still recovering from my week of learning at NKU and ICTCM. Add a new computer to that (and all the setup that requires), course schedules due for fall, meetings for sabbatical, etc. and I’ve just been swamped (and tired).

I thought I would follow up on these two presentations from ICTCM:

  • Przemyslaw Bogacki has set up a Second Life group called “SLMathematics” that is “Open to those interested in using Second Life as a dynamic medium for communicating and learning mathematics.” Send an IM to Reaso Ning in SL if you’d like to join the group.
  • Carmen Fies gave a great presentation called “Tech Support: Learning to teach with technology” and she agreed to let me share the presentation with my readers (go to the presentation here). The presentation is structured around finding technology for teaching for a Graduate course in Technology in Curriculum and Instruction. In particular, you might be interested in the end-of-the-semester assessments of what technologies the students found most useful.

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