The Visual Lounge blog pointed me to two Bill Myers videos on how to produce from Camtasia to YouTube with good quality. Here they are!

I’ve produced a few videos for YouTube, but only one on math (and it was an experiment to see what kind of quality I could get – not great). Although I much prefer the quality and video-length I get with Screencast, the advantage to using YouTube is that I wouldn’t have to pay for my own hosting. If a publicly-available Screencast video became popular, I could easily end up blowing all my download bandwidth for the month. During my peak month of calculus video usage, I did hit 25 GB download on the day before the end of the month – and those videos are (mostly) only available through links in a password-protected LMS.

The other major YouTube issue is that of ownership. If I post a video to YouTube, is it still my video or does it now belong to YouTube? I haven’t been sure, and so I haven’t posted much. But I did go looking for an answer to this question tonight, and I found a nice video by Michael Miller on the subject (yes, a YouTube video):

So, lately I’ve been contemplating the project of reproducing some of the calculus videos in shorter bursts for YouTube. I’ve also been contemplating some other kinds of tutorials on using WebAssign, MathType, Windows Journal, etc.

On a side note, I think I would get a lot more stuff like this done if I had a permanent full-time personal assistant. I tried to convince my husband to quit his job and be my assistant instead, but I don’t think he liked the idea of working for me. If nothing else, the mere suggestion that he work for me will likely keep him working in his banking job for a while (don’t know if you’re aware, but work in the banking industry is a miserable life right now).

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