We did absolutely nothing for Joel’s birthday. This is, he claims, exactly what he wants on his birthday. It was kind of funny that so much else happened on his B-Day: Super Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, and a Michigan event – Paczki Day.

A Paczki is a glorified donut that is made primarily from sugar, eggs, and lard. Mmmmm… One of the local gas station chains, WESCO, bakes up THOUSANDS of these for Fat Tuesday and it’s an event. Hey – it’s winter, there’s nothing else to get excited about!

The diet has suffered a horrible two weeks. I’ve been so busy that I just can’t cope without McDonalds some mornings for breakfast and coffee and my exercise routine has suffered. Sitting at a computer for 10 hours a day is just not a good way to diet. I think I need to purchase one of those laptop-treadmill work stations.

Other thoughts this week – the TED conference opened for registration. How much do I want to go next year? I may actually be on sabbatical (subject to approvals) and could take a week off in the middle of the semester. I really really want to go. I also really really don’t have an extra $6000 to pay for a conference membership. I am exploring alternatives.

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