The year we bought our first house and became a “Mom & Dad” to our first dog, Conia. The ornament is called “Mom & Dad”

One year we learned to country dance and jitterbug (Santa and Mrs. Claus are country dancing, in case you can’t tell).

This is “Diet Santa” riding an exercise bike and eating a cookie. Why does it seem like we’ve been on a diet every Christmas for the last few years? Oh yeah, because I’m always on a diet.

One year in Laramie we did a ton of hiking and camping.

There are five ornaments on the tree that I cross stitched during the first year we lived in Laramie. Come to think of it, there may be more than that. I think I may have sent some of these as Christmas presents. Can you believe I used to have time to cross stitch? Wow!

This is “Too Much To Do Santa” Literally, his list is not of names – it has all the things he has to do… hmm… maybe I should just put up a tree with 50 of these?

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