I am at a MathDL pow-wow in Washington DC and tonight was our first meeting – dinner. After mentioning Bumptop (which is in beta-testing) to the folks at my table, I got curious about why I hadn’t seen anything lately on Bumptop and went looking. There they were, posted today, some some images from a Bumptop beta-tester here on Lifehacker.

Sigh … I thought. Why can’t I try this dang program! I clump my desktop icons, but I hate the well-ordered structure of Windows and I am constantly having to rearrange them when Windows bumps them into a different order. But then I read the comments on the Lifehacker post, and someone suggested trying RealDesktop. There is a free “lite” version. I promptly downloaded it, installed it, and contentedly piled up my icons into groups.

Now I don’t know what will happen if I try this with dual screens. And I don’t know how well this will work with Camtasia or the tablet PC features. But it does work with Jing and still allows you to drag the Jing icon around the edges of the “room.” After getting this far, I am pretty much ready to pay the $25 for the full version – if it works on dual screens, but it only works for Vista … so I guess it will have to go on my home computer, when I get home. For now, this was sure a fun treat to play with tonight!

UPDATE: 60 seconds after I posted this, I discovered that the Professional Version ($39) works on dual monitors. Can’t wait to get home and try it!

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