What an incredible night! We found out late Monday night that Obama was doing a rally in Grand Rapids on Wednesday night. Thank God Karen was paying attention to her Obama campaign emails, because I was just deleting all non-essential email this week and I had deleted the announcement!


So I snuck out of my own workshop at 4:30 (leaving the attendees in the capable hands of several of the other math faculty from my campus), and took off to Grand Rapids with Karen and Meg to see Barack Obama at 7pm. We arrived at the arena at about 5:30 and this is what it looked like (doors opened at 5pm)…


Obama took the stage at 6:30 pm (surprise, 30 minutes EARLY), and, after everyone stopped cheering wildly, he said that he wanted to do something special for Michigan, since we didn’t get a single campaign stop because of our primary debacle. A hush fell on the crowd …


Obama then introduced John Edwards!!!!! (sorry, excessive use of exclamation points)



The crowd went nuts for several minutes, not believing our unexpected luck to see both John Edwards AND Barack Obama.

Edwards paid tribute to Hillary Clinton for her strength and determination for several minutes and we kept wondering “what’s coming next?”



Then Edwards threw his support to Obama (watch it here).



Hearing Edwards, and then Obama speak was just overwhelming. My hands hurt from clapping. I saw Karen DANCE at the end of the rally (to the song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered … I’m Yours”).



It sure sounded like the beginning of a more permanent Obama-Edwards partnership.


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