I guess Chesky Krumlov means “meandering river” or something like that. After my morning photography walk (I seem to be getting up before breakfast every morning to take pictures), we went for a raft down the Vitava River.

All twelve of the travelers went rafting. It was very different than rafting in the U.S. as it was very low key – no waivers to be signed, lifejackets not necessary, no guide to come with us (just a black and white copy of a map) and when we were ready to go, each raft was presented with a bottle of rum to accompany us on the journey.

No worries – it was a pretty tame river (barely any ripples in the water).

Apparently, neither raft was able to really figure out how to paddle straight and we did the best when we just didn’t paddle at all. In our boat, we put Jan in charge of navigating (he is an Air Force pilot in Australia) and we teased him mercilessly about not knowing (or not trusting that we believed he knew) where we were.

I took my waterproof camera, so photos of this one will have to wait for a while.

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