Well, I’m finally recovering from my trip – I still feel pretty tired and unable to catch up though. I just downloaded the pictures and I thought I’d start with my days at NKU (in the Cincinnati area). One of the faculty in the math department agreed to host me and I spent a great four days hanging out with him and his family. One night we went out for “famous” Cincinnati chili – here’s a picture of the 5-way chili (that’s chili with beans, onions, and cheese on spaghetti).

One night Meg came up from Lexington for one of the talks I gave and then we went back down to Lexington to see their new house! Here are Meg and Steve – proud new homeowners. Don’t ask Steve why he is holding a broom – let’s just say there was a little cleaning up to do when he got home from work.

Here’s a pic of Katie and Gator … well … maybe just Katie (Gator is sniffing the camera).

Another night, I got down on the carpet and played blocks with the 5-year-old son of my host family. Here is one of his creations:

And finally, on the last night I was at NKU, my host confessed that he had a FUNCTION MACHINE in his basement!!! I can’t believe he waited till the last night to tell me that one! It was really cool. You give the computer a mathematical 3D function, and then the machine plots the function on a 3D grid of 27×27 pins.

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