Try using LinkedIn for your professional webpage. Then on your college website, just put the basics about yourself and link to the LinkedIn profile.

Here’s mine as an example:

It’s pretty easy to do … just fill in the blanks, and the software does the rest. You can upload a list of contacts and it will check to see if any of your email contacts are already “linked in” to the network – then you can easily send an invitation to link with them.

If you’re not really sure what LinkedIn does (I admit that I wasn’t), you might want to read this article, Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, from the How To Change the World blog. It explains, very nicely, how to optimize the web resource for you.

After reading the article, I was able to customize my LinkedIn page to do a few things, like including my blog name and website name (instead of just “My Company” or “My Website”) and creating a LinkedIn page with my name as part of the URL.

After being part of the LinkedIn network for a week, I think I am now getting the hang of some of the purpose behind the linked in network:

  1. To see what contacts you have in common with other people you know.
  2. To find contacts in places you are going to visit that know someone you know (to get an introduction). This could be useful if you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling (as I am) during a sabbatical semester (assuming I get one).
  3. To find a contact at a company that you are interested in doing business with, through someone you already know.
  4. To see what someone looks like! There are a few people I regularly correspond with online and I had no idea what they look like, until now. So if you’re going to link in… please, add your picture!

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