On Sunday evening, I’m leaving on a 3-leg trip. First I fly to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I’m going to spend Monday – Wednesday at Northern Kentucky University learning as much as I can about Moodle, avatars, and Flex. My friend Mike heads the Instructional Design team there, and I’m going to mooch off their knowledge for my own professional development. I’m being hosted by the math department at NKU and in return I will also be giving two seminars about math & technology (one on using the Internet in math classes, and one on online calculus).

From Cincinnati, I fly (on Thursday) to San Antonio (go sunshine!) to attend ICTCM (International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics). I am giving one full-length presentation (on WebAssign) and participating in two panels (one presenting my online calculus class, and one on assessment and evaluation for online math classes). I really look forward to attending a 2-hour workshop on using Mathematica in undergraduate math classes.

Also fun – in San Antonio I will have dinner with an old friend from high school – the guy who had the locker next to me for four years (and his family). I don’t think I’ve seen ANYONE from high school since I graduated. Weird! I’ll get to see friends from the Internet (other bloggers, and blog commenters), friends from companies I work with (WebAssign, TechSmith, MathType, Cengage) and friends I’ve made at previous conferences.

I know it sounds like work – going to give presentations, attending conferences, etc… but it’s really not. I will thoroughly enjoy myself and come back re-energized to go for another two months.

During my week off, I am NOT writing at all – need a small break. I’ll finish the book when I return. I would have preferred to get the book finished before I left, but it can’t be helped.

Later this year, I’ll be visiting New York again (April), North Carolina (June), Iowa (July), Wisconsin (August), and Washington DC (November). I am hoping to go to either Hawaii (if it works out) or possibly Mexico (if Hawaii falls through) in August.

Busy year!

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