Well, I wasn’t going to say anything on my blog… and perhaps it will turn out to be bad luck, but I’ve been stressing a bit about my PhD comps, which I took today in Kalamazoo. I think they went okay… not fantastic… but okay. Now I just have to wait and see.

Tonight I feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind and I am free to think about things that I want to think about… a proposal for a new project, rebuilding the TCM website, playing with some Flash programming, new math applications, catching up with my writing, trying out Mathematica and LiveMath software, etc. I know … that all sounds like work, but those are my free-time activities and they make me happy. So I feel strangely energized.

I can put the stack of 30 books back on a shelf (well, after I write my reference pages for the exam)… and I am free to read whatever I want guilt-free. AND we got a new issue of WIRED today… Yipee!

Thank you Joel for driving me to and from Kalamazoo so that I didn’t stress about the logistics. It’s not really that long of a drive, but I didn’t want to do it while I had a lot on my mind… my mind tends to wander. There was a really bad storm (tornado warnings all over Michigan) that we had to drive through on the way down to Kalamazoo. It was nice to have company and moral support!

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