Okay – I know I haven’t posted family reunion pictures yet. I’ve been kind of tuckered out the last week and feeling kind of in a funk.

Luckily, while I was swimming yesterday – I thought of a great plan to get out of this funk! (this is about the point where Joel will be rolling his eyes … just hearing the words “I’ve got a great plan” probably makes him want to run far far away)

We’ve been working on finishing the basement for two years now, and for that whole time I’ve been coveting the private space for my office that would result at the end of the basement project. The only problem is that the basement project is not done. It just drags on. And I really need my own space. All of my scrapbook stuff, craft stuff, sewing machine, etc has been packed away for almost two years now.

Now that people are starting to ask me what I’m doing for fun (now that the books are done) I don’t really know what to say.

Anyways, back to the plan. Call it “musical rooms.” Our bedroom is really dark and we think that moving the bedroom up to the loft (where the skylights bring in lots of natural light) might be a good idea. It’s too easy to crawl into the current “cave” and take naps or just sleep the day away.

Of course, Joel and I currently share an office upstairs in the loft, so if the bedroom moves upstairs, then where do the computers go? Well, my “office space” will the the old bedroom, and Joel’s will be what was the workout room (directly below the bedroom). Got all that?

Okay, so where does the workout room go? The treadmill, bike, and nordic trak will move into one of the new rooms, with plenty of space in front for yoga or karate or whatever. Of course, the new rooms are not quite done yet (they need trim), but they are awfully close and we are hoping that the necessity of getting these rooms done before winter to set the exercise equipment back up will be sufficient motivation.

If you’ve followed all that, you can see that this plan is complicated, but will result in my finally having my own office space in a few days.

Phase I: Move the workout equipment out of the basement room.
Phase II: Move Joel’s stuff into the basement room.
Phase III: Move Maria’s stuff out of the loft.
Phase IV: Move the bedroom furniture up to the loft.
Phase V: Move Maria’s stuff into the office, and all the craft stuff out of the basement.

Somewhere in this timeline, we also have to relocate all the cables for the satellite Internet in such a way that we don’t interrupt Internet service to me (I may be as incapable of living without Internet as Joel is of living without coffee in the morning).

Luckily, Joel understands my somewhat frantic need to get this done, and remembers his sisters needing to “rearrange” rooms periodically.

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