I wrote the last blog post when the power went out again last night at 7pm. This morning when we left the hotel at 7am, the power was still out. I did take Karen’s advice and buy myself a lovely pair of earrings to take the edge off the heat (although my earring purchases do not put as large a dent in the checkbook as Karen’s might).

Now we are in Croatia. We travelled by bus and after a very long stop at the border to check tickets and passports, we are now in Dubrovnik. I am happy to report that it is only 34 degrees Celsius in the shade (which is an improvement from 40 in the shade and 43-45 in the sun).

I read that over 500 people in Hungary have died in the heatwave (where we were 2 weeks ago). We will stroll around town today and I will have a little time tomorrow morning, then will fly back to Vienna at 4pm on Croatia Airlines.

Since I have been out of touch for a while I wonder if …
1) Joel ever got that package from Prague that was only supposed to take 1-2 weeks to send and whether the contents of the package survived the trip?
2) Keri and Matt sold their house?
3) Meg has successfully relocated to Kentucky?
4) Sally has kept swimming laps and can now swim circles (or laps) around me?
5) We ever got the building permit extension on the basement?
6) Did Marijka and Brad finish the addition on their house?
7) Has Lily (Sallys cat) stopped getting fatter and fatter? Maybe it had more kittens?
8) Has Karen taken 200 pictures of her cats on her new iPhone?
9) Do Carol and Mat have a new deck?
10) Did my mom ever figure out how to read this blog?

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