There’s a new link in my “favorite links” file on the left of these blogs… Blogger Play. This slideshow application shows you all the pictures that are being posted on public blogger blogs one by one in a slideshow format. Curious about one of the photos you see? Click on it and it will take you to the blog to read all about it.

I think I watched and clicked for 20 minutes today, mesmorized by what everyone in the world is doing. I visited sites in Germany, France, Japan, and the USA. Some blogs were long-standing blogs, some were brand new.

After watching again just now for another 10 minutes… I feel I have to warn you that this one is HIGHLY addictive… time just disappears. I think it’s a bit like the “shuffle” feature on an iPod. There’s something fascinating about where the random assortment of pictures draws your mind. I think I might start watching it before I go to bed every night and see what I dream about!

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