This semester I will…

  • Teach 5 classes, all in different formats (Calc II online, Calc II in class, Int. Algebra hybrid, Int Algebra in-class, and Honors Calc II)
  • Take 3 classes (Adobe Illustrator, Higher Ed and the Tech Frontier, and Dissertation Seminar)… on the bright side, I will then officially be ABD (all but dissertation).
  • Write another 700 pages of text (due in March)
  • Continue posting on two+ blogs
  • Write the majority of a dissertation
  • Plan a week-long workshop
  • Speak at five (or so) sites (including Kentucky and Texas)

I’m not sure how this ever sounded sane to me, but I will be happy when the busyness gets back to a sane level. It just seems that this semester was the “perfect storm” of everything needing to be done at the same time.

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