Okay, the rep said he wasn’t postive that this actually comes standard with MathType 6, but on his machine, there was a Chemistry tab with some cool chemistry stuff.

Maybe Bob can enlighten us about whether this is a standard feature or not, and if not, how a chem teacher might get the nice “chemistry tab”?

Also I learned how to make a labeled number line using MathType and a simple graphing grid (using a matrix with dashed and solid lines between the rows and columns of the grid) and either I will post them later… or perhaps it might be on the MathType website?
The person standing next to me listening to the demo said “OMG, this is SOOO much easier than using LaTex.” (and it’s true… why anyone uses LaTex is beyond me) BUT, just in case you are a die-hard LaTex usere … MathType 6 really does take LaTex commands and instantly convert them to typset mathematics … I saw it with my own eyes!

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