I read a blog a little while back on “The Importance of Being ‘clickable’ ” on the Dangerously Irrelevant Blog. It got me thinking that our department has lots of information, but the ‘clickability’ of it was not that good.

The last few weeks I’ve been rebuilding our department webpages to include information that our students might like to have. Tonight I thought to myself “I wonder if I can create a nice graphical interface for the main math page, and I was able to do it with SnagIt/Flash. Here it is. I’m really proud of it… it’s got mouseover links and everything!

Here’s what I have done on the web for our department and links to those pages:

I’m hoping to also get these up soon:

  • WebAssign help page for students
  • MyMathLab help page for students
  • more on the Math Study Skills page
  • Intermediate Algebra Review Page
  • Online Math Class help page

Any other suggestions? Is there something I’ve missed?

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