I have survived the 8 hour bus ride and I am now in Sarejevo at a well-lit Internet cafe with 10 computers (sorry Chris, it is not interesting enough to photograph). It was another hot day today. We are told that yesterday it was up to 43 degrees Celsius. Tonight it has cooled off considerably and there is a nice breeze in the city – it is quite tolerable.

On our walk from the bus stop to the Pension where we are staying, we did see many buildings still showing the damage of guns and shells. However, the older part of the city has recovered pretty nicely and it is really beautiful. The 1984 Winter Olympics were held here and you can see why because the mountains are beautiful and the houses are built up the hills (it is kind of reminiscent of some of the towns in the west or San Fransisco actually).

We had a nice dinner at an old restaurant on the river and then did a walking tour of the town. It is (thankfully) a pretty easy-to-navigate city as it is laid out on the river. The cyrillic lettering in Serbia was driving me CRAZY as all the maps are printed using latin lettering and all the street names are done in cyrillic lettering. Trust me when I say that I do not have enough brain space left to memorize another alphabet.

There was lots of cool shopping (jewelry, coffee sets, etc) so my bank account might get a beating in the next couple days. I have only made two non-food purchases in the last 4 days (2 movie tickets and one old-fashioned fan). We hear hopes that it might rain tomorrow, so we will look forward to that possibility. Here is Jo peeking in the store window at the beautiful jewelry.

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