Well, if you know me, you know that, no matter how organized I seem to be, I am the queen of losing metro/subway/bus passes and that sometimes I just really really mess up my schedule.

Last week, I was all ready to go to a Bridal Shower on Monday afternoon, until my hairdresser said, “um, monday afternoon is an awfully strange time to have a bridal shower…” Sure enough, I had missed the shower, it was on Saturday. On the same day, I screwed up the time of my doctor’s appointment and arrived an hour late.

So… fast forward to today. I just spent 30 minutes searching high and low for the $20 metro pass that I purchased yesterday. I am staying with a friend and her family in DC and I remembered taking the pass (and my map) out of my pocket and placing it on the guest bed. Somehow, between last night and this morning, I lost it. After searching through EVERYTHING (and even accusing Fluffy of absconding with my metro pass), I finally found it in the little bag where I keep all the cords that recharge all my stuff. Why is it there? I honestly have no idea … I was pretty tired last night – I’m probably lucky I actually made it here with both my carry on bag and my laptop bag.

Today’s scheduling oversight … I thought my conference started this morning. A nice surprise for me, when I realized that when I booked the plane ticket several months ago, I figured that I would like an extra day in Washington D.C., and booked my plane ticket for the first possible day I could leave town (when I finish teaching on Thursday). So, I rediscovered last night … when I went to see what time to report to the conference tomorrow morning, that I have the whole day free in DC! Yay past-me-planning! What a nice surprise to myself!

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