Well, I’m not sure how many little-known facts I have learned, but here’s at least one. Budapest is actually made up of two cities, Buda and Pest. Most of the famous historical structures are in Pest. Really, I had no idea.

We went on a wonderful biking tour of the city yesterday (4 hours) on really comfy bikes (translate that to cushy bike seats). It was a nice temperature for a ride around the city and I think we pretty much saw all the great Budapest sites in the process.

Here are a few pictures from Heroes’ Square. Of particular note (another interesting fact about Budapest). There is a Hasya Yoga group that meets in Heroes’ square. They provided an interesting audio backdrop of “Hee-hee Haw-haw” as you strolled the square looking at all the statues of important historical figures. If you chant “hee-hee haw haw” while you look at these photos, you will get the right atmosphere. I think (after visiting the Terror museum today) that the citizens of Hungary could’ve really used laughing yoga during the years of communist oppression.

This is the statue that represents Peace.

This is the statue that represents War.

This is one of the famous Kings of Hungary that was famous for his love of books (got to take a picture of that one).

The statue of Anonymous in the park behind Heroes’ square. If you touch the pen of the statue, it is supposed to make you a better writer. So, I had to take advantage of that. Here is Jan becoming a better writer.

The agricultural museum.

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