A few people asked if I would create links to some of my Calculus videos. I use a variety of software to produce the videos… Camtasia, SnagIt, TI-SmartView, the Internet, Wolfram Demonstrations, PowerPoint, and whatever else happens to be helpful at the time. I’ve selected three of them (pretty much at random) for you to see.

Please keep in mind that these are not “professionally produced” … I do not have time to go back and edit a word if I misspeak (although I could with the software I use, I just don’t have time… it’s hard keeping up with online calculus). These video lessons are my version of what takes place in the classroom, and just like on a whiteboard, I may occasionally make a mistake and correct it… well, hopefully I correct it! 🙂

  1. Using Secant Slopes
  2. Limits and Vertical Asymptotes
  3. The Falling Lexus Example

Before you watch the Falling Lexus Example, you ought to watch the “Falling Lexus Commercial.”

The files are all zipped. When you unzip the file, choose the LARGEST file (the swf file) to run. You will need to have a Flash Player downloaded to watch.

[Update 5/6/12: My videos are now all loaded on Screencast.com, recorded live with a Tablet PC, and produced with Camtasia Studio as an MP4.  I’m leaving this post here for perspective.]

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