Updated July 22, 2019.

Line Rider, in its infancy, had only one tool, the pen. With this tool, you drew your masterpiece curve (or piecewise curves), on which, the little hatted dude rides his sled. There were rules about the curves, when drawn left to right, the were riding curves, when drawn right to left, decoration… or something like that.

However, the new version of LineRider has multicolored pens, an eraser tool (woo hoo) and now with the addition of the magical Jing program. Can you create a LineRider that nicely demonstrates two types of discontinuities: Removable discontinuities (the little dude just glides over the hole) and jump discontinuities (the little dude leaps from one part of the curve to another).

LineRider can be an interesting and fun study in slopes for algebra students, asymptotes for pre-calculus students, and limits for calculus students.

However, the true works of art are the ones created and set to music like these classic LineRiders all available on YouTube: (turn on your sound)

These are good for a 5-minute break in class… you know… for those students that refuse to get out of their seats and stretch… they might as well be entertained! I have seriously assigned LineRider as an extra credit project, but it’s always been difficult to find a way to share the videos (until Jing).

This one is addicting… make sure you get your papers graded and your classes prepped for before you become consumed!

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