Here I am in Madison, Wisconsin. I always LOVE staying in hotel rooms – this one is a large room with two beds and it’s just me here. Meanwhile, Joel is visiting his parents in Billings in a house full of siblings, nieces, and nephews (completely opposite of me).

Tonight I was out to dinner with some of the Cengage folks and Joe told us all about his love affair with chocolate-covered bacon. Needless to say, we thought he was pulling our leg – then the waitress told him where to pick some up just a few blocks away.

So after dinner, we were off to sample the delicacy. Sure enough … here’s Joe with a bar of the stuff. Reviews were mixed – the men liked it, and the women didn’t. One participant in the taste test said “hmm… like chocolate covered pretzels, only meatier.” Perhaps you are now intrigued? In that case, consider making your own – here’s a recipe.

One of the women in our group bought a bar of “detoxifying” chocolate, called DeChox (pure chocolate and nothing but chocolate) so that we could wipe the taste of choco-bacon from our taste palettes.

So as not to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, here’s a nice view of the capital building, all lit up at night.

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