Bolivia – my purple electric Viola/Violin

This is a viola/violin that I refinished when I was in high school (okay, that’s like the late 80’s / early 90’s). I had it equipped it with a pickup on the bridge and it sounded wicked cool through a wammy pedal and amp.

I’ve been carrying it and moving it from place to place… Virginia, Montana, Wyoming, Michigan… but I haven’t played it since college (undergraduate) and’s time to let it go to someone who will play it.

This week is CMFF Camp (Chamber Music For Fun) at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and sometimes people use it as an opportunity to finally sever the ties that connect them to some instrument they have never been able to part with before. Well, this is the year.

I can no longer delude myself that “this will be the year” that I get back “into” the electric viola… I’m not going to join a band… I’m probably not even going to have time to practice the regular viola. I’m tired of moving this instrument from house to house and feeling the guilt calling me from the basement/closet/guest room. This is an instrument that needs to be played and hopefully, it will find a new player this week.

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