Well, after months of complaining and whining and a poem about the “Scratching Post I Wish We Had” about our lack of a scratching post, I finally broke down and “did the deed,” that is, I purchased a kitty scratching post/apartment complex/playground for our two cats. The only downside of this purchase was that I had to use my own personal spending money as I was “not allowed” to use our money to make this contraband purchase.

During the assembly of the contraversial “kittyland”, Taggart found it absolutely necessary to scratch at, bat at, and roll on all the separate parts. Here it is installed in the loft… and the cats are trying to figure out what it is.

If I had any energy left, I’d right a poem about the new scratching post/kittyland. But I just got through the first three days of the semester and I’m totally zonked.

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