1. The first workout of the 100-pushup challenge left me with extremely sore abs for the last 5 days. So, I haven’t yet done the 2nd day’s workout yet.
  2. I was in Bay City last weekend at the MichMATYC conference.
  3. I went to see Noises Off in Muskegon on Sunday (always a very funny play).
  4. I am going to Washington DC this weekend.
  5. I have purchased Spore, but still haven’t had a chance to play it.
  6. We had really nice “Indian Summer” weather yesterday. The cats got to wander onto the screened-in porch, which they LOVE.
  7. I made some of my usual chili recipe (add corn at the end – my variation), only with potatoes in it, because one of the diced-tomatoes cans suggested it – not bad.
  8. I made some Indian recipes last week, the best was the Vindaloo Crockpot recipe (although you will probably have to invest in some spices to make it). Of course, since Joel broke the blender, I can’t easily make it again until we buy a new blender.
  9. Our department secretary has accepted a different job – good for her – really bad for us. Thank God I’ll be on sabbatical next semester.
  10. I am back to having too much to do. I know, you are all surprised.

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