For students to share handwritten work or equations online, there is one program that has changed my online classes more than any other, and that is a free program called Jing built by TechSmith.

However, when I show other instructors how to use Jing, the one concern that always arises is “what if Jing starts to cost something?”

My response has always been 1) TechSmith wouldn’t change the price (free) without significant notice, and 2) Jing will always be free for a certain amount of space.

Today, Techsmith announced that Jing is now an official offering and, to celebrate the 1-year birthday of Jing, they are increasing the amount of free space on Screencast from 200 MB to 2 GB. That’s right … 2 GB of storage space (and 2 GB of transfer bandwidth)!!!

This is really fantastic news – some of my students were hitting the 200 MB ceiling on this. So, whether it’s an existing account or a brand new Jing account, you should have a lot more space to save your screen captures and videos!

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