In the January update of Jing, the EMBED button disappeared.  Did you notice that?  The functionality isn’t gone (it requires a little customization of buttons), but the nice button that specifically functioned to get EMBED code is now missing.

Because I’m not teaching this semester, this hasn’t bothered me as much as it should have.  However, after giving several presentations where I demonstrated how to use Jing, it has already begun bothering me enough to try to get it back.

First, let me explain WHY it’s important to have embed code.  First let’s look at Jing on a message board if students don’t have embed code.  Each URL will open up an equation, but this takes time and the Q & A does not flow well.


What if both of us used EMBED code instead of URLs?  Here’s what that would look like:


Next, let me show you HOW to get an embed button back if you lost it and haven’t been able to find it.

Finally, my plea.  It was so much easier to explain that you got the embed code by clicking on the embed button.  If the embed button could just be one of the “special” buttons you can customize, I could live with that.  Perhaps it would look like this:


If you miss the EMBED button too, please say so!

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