On Thursday, I was talking with Keri (from Sheridan, WY) on the phone and she asked what we were doing this weekend. Oh, we’re going to a family reunion in Iowa, I said. Keri replied that she was driving to St. Louis for a wedding.

Wait a sec, I said, we must be crossing paths at some point. I got out a map … sure enough, our paths would overlap on the west side of Iowa. We planned our routes so that our paths would intersect at roughly the same time this morning.

After we got off track (missed an exit) and much last-minute coordination via texting and calling (don’t worry – our significant others were driving) … we met at Exit 29 on Interstate 80 in Iowa. What’s at Exit 29 you ask? Um … not much, apparently.

We all had an early lunch at the A&W. I haven’t seen Keri in two years and we were trying to coordinate our vacation time to go somewhere this summer, but it just didn’t work out. Weird how, at the last minute, we figured out how to meet up anyways! It was so nice to see a dear friend from far away!

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