Todays guest blogger is Pat McKeague, author of several textbooks and the mastermind behind the site

Hello, I’m Pat McKeague, and I’m filling in for Maria today. I have created a website called where my students and I post videos on mathematics from basic math through calculus. I’m the first one on the left.

One interesting observation is that my students have become better math students by making these videos. The other surprising thing is that they love their jobs.

All of us that teach know that we understand a topic better after we have taught it. I know that I never really understood calculus until I taught it two or three times. So it makes sense that my students would become better math students after presenting topics on video. In all cases, they are presenting material from classes they have already passed. Even so, they are better at the mathematics in the classes they are taking now. The stronger their foundation in basic skills, the better they are at advanced topics. They have strengthened their foundation by making these videos.

The students are paid to make these videos. It is a regular part-time job for them. I have always had trouble getting them to read the book before they come to class. But in their jobs, they don’t mind at all They want to make good presentations and so they are willing to use any resources, like the book, to help them prepare for their presentation.

It would be interesting to create a class in elementary or intermediate algebra based on this presentation model. All you would need is a digital camera with a Firewire connection, iMovie or Quicktime Pro, and maybe an extra light. Students could work in groups to present each topic that is covered in the class, or they could present selected topics and use the MathTV videos for the others.

Thanks Pat for the post! To find Maria in India, go here.

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