Our stereo receiver is broken (we’ve had it 10 years). So we should replace it. Only that’s at least $200-400. Would our old speakers work with a new stereo? Well, I guess not. So new speakers and receiver ($300-600)- that’s what we’ll get.

But what’s the point of better sound, if you are still using an “old-fashioned” DVD player with no ability to upconvert to 1080p? So, really, what we need is a stereo receiver, new speakers, and a new DVD player (the old one was on the fritz anyways) for a total of $400-700.

But then, why buy a new DVD player if you’re not going to get one that can play Blu-Ray disks? We should really get one that will play Blu-Ray disks (ka-ching $600-$900).

Oh, so now we’ve got a nice stereo, Blu-Ray player, and new speakers – projecting on a TV that’s not an LCD? I really think we should upgrade that too, but we can’t get anything less than a 1080p, because that’s what our TV does now. Add on another $800-$1000.

Um. So two people that watch zero television are going to spend $1400-$1900 to upgrade a home theater system? Hmmm. That makes no sense.

Well, that’s good justification to get a Wii – we could play the Wii on the new home theater system. What’s another $600? That would justify upgrading everything.

Long pause.

Let’s just move the old boombox from the basement to the living room and call it good.


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