I’ve been playing with this inexpensive Wacom Bamboo tablet periphery this week to see what it can do ($79 on the Wacom website). It is definitely a viable “bulk” purchasing option if your college cannot afford tablet PCs for all instructors… few can.I will write a separate review of the Bamboo tablet, but I need to try a few more of its features first.

Here is how to use the pen tools for a few different software platforms. If you have no tablet, you can use these tools with the mouse, but hand-writing with a mouse is a bit of an art form.

If you have a tablet periphery (like the Bamboo tablet) or if you have a tablet PC it is much easier. I’m pretty sure this will not work with a digital pen & paper (like the Logitech io or the new LiveScribe). These are all short video demos:

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard
  • Power Point (Office 2003) – this demo includes a “how to” on turning an existing non-tablet PC into a SmartBoard type device using an auxiliary tablet and PowerPoint.

My Tablet PC has just arrived (Yay!), so I will demos from a tablet with Office 2007 on the blog when I get the computer up and running.

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