Sometimes, you don’t want to run a PowerPoint presentation in “full-screen” mode. For example, when I record Camtasia videos, I want the animations to run on the PowerPoint, so I have to “run” the presentation, but I want to be able to easily pull other resources into the Camtasia video (web browsers, TI-SmartView, SnagIt, etc.). You may have thought (as I did) that your only solution was to “escape” the presentation and go to the other resource, then rerun the presentation and go to the correct slide (repeating this process over and over).

But there is another way. Go into the PowerPoint Slide Show Set Up (see below).

Once in Set Up Show, make these two changes…

  • Browse by an individual (window)
  • Advance Slides Manually

Now when you run the presentation, it will run in a resizable window instead of full screen. NOTE: Mouse clicks will no longer advance the slides when you are running the show in a window, you must use Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard instead.

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