Occasionally I (gasp) find there is a mistake in one of my video lessons or that I’ve posted the wrong one in the virtual classroom.

At that point, I would normally have to upload the new file to screencast, get the new URL, go into the virtual classroom, and replace any and every URL to the file.

However, TechSmith has enlightened me on how I can do the entire process from Screencast.

Here’s a short video from TechSmith on how to do it (no sound … just visual).

And here are the steps:

1) Go to the uploaded file you want to replace. Use the “attachment” feature to upload the new file.

2) Click on the “swap” button to swap the original file with the attachment. Note that the “swap” button does not show up unless you have something to swap!

3) Delete the old file (which is now the “attachment”).

This way, all of your URL links to the file will remain valid. Given the number of URLs I might have to a single file (between my campus website, the TeachingCollegeMath site, this blog, my mind maps on mindomo, and my calculus classes), that’s something to be very happy about!

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