Excel graphs are easy to make, but don’t always suit the purpose on tests and handouts. In this case, we wanted to make a graph where students could easily read the points and draw a best-fit line and it needed to be publication quality. Here’s the original Excel graph.

I have included some tips on just modifying this graph in under two minutes to be possibly good enough to suit most purposes.

The video takes you all the way to making a “pretty” graph for publication, like this one:

Here’s the link to the video (it’s a fairly big video, so it may take a minute or two to start playing).

I should mention that I normally do not go through this much work every time I need a nice graphic. Start a file called “Nice Graphs” and keep adding to the file. It is much easier to edit an existing graph than start a new one. Often, you just need to change the scale and headings or change the line on the graph and it’s good to go. Very rarely do I have to start from scratch.

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