What’s a mouseover? It’s when you hover your mouse over an image, and text appears that is associated with the image. Technically, you could also call these “interactive hotspots.”

Here is a simple example I made to tell my students what the various links in WebAssign do. Hover your mouse over the links at the top (Home, My Assignments, Grades, Communications, Calendar) and you will get a description of what each one does… and a few other spots on the page.

I’ve just discovered (read your SnagIt emailed newsletters) that SnagIt can create Flash-based image files (swf files) with mouseovers. Watch the Techsmith screencast to see how.

I think I will begin using this for graphs… you know, when you write (a,f(a)) or (x,f(x)) or (x+h, f(x+h)) to go with a point? Well, I could make the points interactive hotspots and have the text associated with that point pop up! Cool!

I’m sure there are actually better uses… I just haven’t thought of them yet… got any suggestions?

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