I use a hotkey to open new equations when I am typing in Word. The hotkey I use is Ctrl+E (E for equation). This will be fine for you too as long as you don’t already use it for it’s assigned purpose, which is centering paragraphs.

This means that as you are typing a document… like a test, worksheet, handout, etc. you do not have to reach for your mouse to open an equation, you just type Ctrl with E and MathType opens automatically.

I have had a few people ask me how to create this hotkey on a machine running Vista and Office 2007. As I am not running Vista yet, my new assistant, Jill (who IS running Vista on her laptop), has created instructions (with screenshots) for creating the Ctrl+E hotkey in Word 2007 in Vista.

NOTE: The first time you use Ctrl+E in any document, it takes a couple seconds… after that it is very quick!

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