It is now Sunday and I’m backtracking to Saturday. After moving my things to the new hotel, I went down to see the morning exercises of the Lippezaner stallions. The most interesting and funny thing that happened there was that while I had my morning coffee in a little cafe inside the Hofburg palace grounds, there was this robotic lawnmower mowing a triangular-shaped bit of lawn. So, kind of an old-meets-new experience. I thought it was funny because math teachers are always writing word problems about triangular-shaped gardens or lawns and here was one!

Also it was interesting on the tour of the stables (no pictures allowed) they told us that the horses are compensated for all their hard work with 4 months of vacation per year. How many Americans get more than 2 weeks? Nice to know that even European horses are treated better. Also, like tenured professors, the Lippezanner riders have jobs for life (of course, their tenure process takes 8-12 years).

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