Joel has a minor addiction that occurs every fall. I suspect the addiction would be year-round if he could find a supplier during the rest of the year. This $10 basket of honeycrisp apples might last him from Saturday to Wednesday (5 days).

The Honeycrisp apple is really a treat. It’s sweet and crispy (thus the name). If you look closely you might be able to buy it at your local grocery store right now, but they are pricey because they are difficult to grow and difficult to transport without bruising.

Honeycrips apples were only recently released to the public (1991) in Minnesota. The world almost didn’t get to try Honeycrips, as the original tree had been scheduled for destruction. Interestingly, this article that I linked to says that Honeycrips were originally thought to be the child of Macoun and Honeygold apples, but that recent genetic testing shows that it is kind of an orphan with unknown parentage.

If we ever left Michigan, we would probably have to investigate whether there was a fall crop of honeycrip apples wherever we were going. It appears that they are grown at least in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Idaho, but they are being planted all over the world.

The website claims that these apples can be stored in the fridge for 3-4 months. But I don’t think we could possibly store enough apples to last Joel at the rate that he eats them. On their FAQ page, they have answers for dealing with Honeycrisp addiction problems. It turns out that they manage to keep sending honeycrisp apples till April or May (if you lock in a 3-month supply). So perhaps Joel will have to spend his hard-earned personal spending money feeding his addiction by locking in his apple needs.

On second thought, maybe I should get a 3-month winter supply for Joel as his birthday present! Only $192 for a 40-lb box once a month for three months (plus shipping by UPS). That might actually keep his addiction fed.

If you are now intrigued and think that you need to try them youself, but you can’t find them at your grocery sotre, you can buy 18 Honeycrisp apples for $38.95 online.

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