I’ve been thinking a lot about how much my life now depends on the Internet and being really, really, grateful that we managed to find a way to bring high-speed Internet to our house in the woods. Several colleagues cannot get high-speed at their houses, and I really feel for them. If you’re one of the poor souls without high speed, try www.getnia.com, but as my friend Gwen would say, “you’ll have credit card burns over 90% of your body.”

What do you think, eyesore or savior? I did, after all plant a garden around it, that’s got to help a little!

And for the first year, the Satellite Dish Garden did pretty well despite our total and complete neglect. (last year’s dish garden was a failure)

P.S. Don’t think it looks like this right now in Michigan. It’s gray and blah outside… I’m just finishing up old blog starts.

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