Mike is blogging again and I wish I knew as much as he does about instructional design! He keeps telling me that I have to learn Adobe Flex and ColdFusion, but I don’t have time!!! Can I quit my regular job for a year just to learn all the programming I need to catch up on? Maybe I need to go in and modify my sabbatical application.

I am going to visit Mike’s team at NKU in March (on my way to ICTCM), and I’m going to absorb as much as is humanly possible in my three days there. Anyone got good advice for maximum memory absorption? Also I’ll be giving a couple presentations to the NKU math department, in case you live in the Cincinatti area.

Anyways, Mike has a link on his blog to a “flex hack” of a jeopardy game that they’ve created for the instructors on his campus. Pretty cool (although I wonder how well it will take on equations?). Let’s see one with categories of integrals… I could actually use it this week.

I met Mike in Rhode Island at the Flash on the Beach workshop and there I realized two things:

  1. There was SO MUCH I didn’t know!!! (that Mike did)
  2. There was SO MUCH I DID know (and I was the only one, or at least, one of the few).

And I think that’s why I started this blog, actually.

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