My online class is now “active” or “live” and I find myself unable to resist checking the discussion board every hour… eager to see who’s turned up since the last time I checked.

Has anyone done an assignment yet? Is anyone posting on the discussion boards? How many of my students have actually logged in to Blackboard and at least peeked? Do they like the avatar? Are they finding it easy to navigate?

It gives me a new appreciation for the “helicopter parents.” It’s like I’ve poured my time and soul into creating this online calc platform, and I can’t wait to see all the discussion boards populated with students and posts. So I am helicoptering around the online classrooms, eagerly awaiting the show to begin!

(actually, the show has begun and several students have begun introducing themselves and doing assignments)

I wonder if any of you who are teaching online math for the first time this semester are experiencing the same addiction to “checking in” on your classes?

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