Okay, it’s not Bastille Day anymore, but it was on our last night in Budapest. The French Institute put on a huge Bastille Day festival, complete with a large inflatable lit-up Eiffel Tower. There were three stages with bands, lots of festive wine drinkers, and a beautiful view of the buildings and the chain bridge with its night lights.

This was actually a fortunate occurence, because I wasn’t about to walk back to the hotel at night by myself, so this got me out to see the lights with a group of people. We were hoping to catch the fireworks over the Danube (which was our intention when we went down to the festival) but we never did see them.

We rode on a REALLY OLD subway on our way to the Bastille Day celebration. Honestly, one of our guides said parts of the subway system were 100 years old, and this particular subway may have been one of the original cars. Here is one photo of the subway. The subway here is not as easy to use as some we have had in other cities. In particular, you have to buy a new ticket for every subway you take, so if you transfer, you must have two tickets.

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