This is what I turn into when the weather turns from lovely warm spring-like weather (last week) to gray skies and cold air (this week).

Everything bugs me …

broken stereo
new blender with a lid that doesn’t fit the blender
bra straps that fall down
coffee shop is out of coffee that I want
iPod headphones are always tangled
laundry that doesn’t make it out of the laundry room
dogs that whine to be fed in the morning
having too much to carry to the car in the morning
salespeople at shoe stores
can’t find time to install new software
still haven’t played Spore

I realize that none of these things are worthy of whining. I have a good job. I can make the payments on my house. I am thrilled with our choice of Presidents. I am in good health. This is just how I’ve felt the last two days. Maybe we’re all just coming off a high from last week?

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