After two weeks, our group composition has changed. This 4-week trip can be split into two 2-week trips, so now we have 6 new folks and a new group leader. Here is the first group at our farewell dinner.

This is Tom (from England). We teased him a lot about having that good old British reserved character. Ironically, when he sat down to dinner, this sign was in front of him.


Here is our new group melting on the train yesterday. We kept Jan, Lisa and Emma, Karen and Max. Below are Shell (from Norway), Lisa and Karen (the sisters from the USA).

Alicia (from the USA), Mary (from Australia) and Jo (Australia).

Jan, Lauren, and Warren (all from Australia). Jo and Warren are newlyweds.

Max (a bit of a dramatic), Emma, and of course, me. The kids are expressing their heatstroke for the camera.

Our new leader is Gorrana and she has been an Intrepid leader for 3 years. She is Canadian, but her family heritage is Serbian, and she speaks Serbian (a fact which we are sure appreciateive of).

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